The offer comprises of three modules which make up a complete service from the gene to the structure:


I. Preparation of expression constructs

usługa 1

  1. Design of the expression constructs and expression strategy (determination of the optimal construct boundaries, the selection of the appropriate expression vector, purification tag etc.).
  2. Preparation of constructs for expression in E. coli and eukaryotic cells.


II. Recombinant protein production in E. coli system

usuga 2

  1. Recombinant protein expression tests.
  2. Optimization of protein expression and purification.
  3. Large scale protein overexpression and chromatographic purification.


III. Biocrystallography service

usługa 3

  1. Crystallization and crystal optimization.
  2. Crystallization of protein and protein – inhibitor complex.
  3. X-ray diffraction data collection.
  4. Solution and refinement of protein and protein-ligand structures to the quality required for PDB deposition.


The service contains detailed project discussion and the offer of optimal solutions for the client. We also offer signing of an NDA (a non-disclosure agreement).


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