About us


The success of ProBiostructures derives from the highest level of expertise in science, advanced skills, and the excellent quality of services that are rendered. It offers the extensive experience of top scientists in biomedicine research form the International Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology in Warsaw (IIMCB), Poland’s leading research institution. IIMCB was established under an international agreement between the Polish government and UNESCO. The principles of operation are based on ideas from the best research institutes in the world which also makes it a good business partner.

The co-founder and the CSO of ProBiostructures is dr. Marcin Nowotny, a renown crystallographer with significant scientific output (publications in journals such as Cell, Molecular Cell, EMBO Journal, Nature Structural Molecular Biology, Nature Communications). He is a recipient of prestigious research grants, such as EMBO Installation Grant, ERC Starting Grant, Wellcome Trust International Senior Research Fellowship and the Howard Hughes International Early Career Scientist Award. Between 2003 and 2008, he was a postdoctoral research fellow in the group of Wei Yang Laboratory, National Institutes of Health.

ProBiostructures cooperates closely with leading pharmaceutical companies in central Europe (e.g., Selvita, Celon Pharma, OncoArendi Therapeutics, Adamed) and with UbiQ Bio in the Netherlands and IONIS Pharmaceuticals in the United States. The results have supported drug discovery efforts for such diseases as cancer, asthma, and depression. ProBiostructures solved a crystal structure of OncoArendi’s OATD-01 compound with a target protein. The compound is undergoing clinical trials and in the case of positive results will be the first sarcoidosis drug on the market, with a new mechanism of action (first in class).

In addition to profitable commercial projects, ProBiostructures also scientifically cooperates with foreign companies from the biotechnology and pharmaceutical sectors. Such collaborations are an investment in promoting the laboratory by presenting scientific potential, expertise in R&D projects, and a flexible approach to cooperation with industry.